Society of Anaesthesiologists of Tanzania

Dedicated to promoting the highest standards of patient care through the advancement of the specialty of anesthesia.



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About Us


  • Society of Anaesthesiologists of Tanzania (SATA)

    SATA is a professional organization established in 2013 with the primary objective of enhancing anaesthesia care within Tanzania. Our organization serves as a dedicated platform for advancing the specialty of anesthesia and ensuring the highest standards of patient care. Governed by a constitution, SATA operates under the Non-Governmental Organization Act, registered on 22nd July 2009, and abides by its governing principles.

Icon Our Mission

Serving our community by advancing anaesthesia care through education, advocacy, and collaboration, ensuring the highest standards of patient safety and well-being.

Icon Our Vision

To be a leading force in anaesthesia excellence, driving innovation, research, and professional development to enhance healthcare outcomes nationally and globally.

Our Objectives


Advancement of Anaesthesia Science and Art

Promote and supervise the development of anaesthesia science and art in Tanzania, ensuring excellence through education and oversight.


Support for Quality Anaesthesiology

Support the availability, accessibility, safety, and quality of anaesthesiology, fostering innovation, research, and dissemination of scientific knowledge.


Advocacy for Global Patient Care

Advocate for the pivotal role of anaesthesiology in improving patient care globally, emphasizing its significance in healthcare systems worldwide.


Facilitation of Professional Collaboration

Facilitate professional collaboration through periodic meetings, fostering scientific exchange and social interaction among members.


Establishment of Training Standards

Recommend and uphold desirable standards for training and practice in anaesthesia within Tanzania, ensuring competence and proficiency among practitioners.


International Cooperation

Establish liaison with similar bodies in other countries, fostering international collaboration and sharing best practices in anaesthesia care.


Support for Anaesthesia Education

Support trainees in anaesthesiology through accredited programs, both nationally and internationally, to enhance their skills and knowledge in the field.


Promotion of Patient Safety Initiatives

SPromote initiatives aimed at enhancing patient safety in anaesthesia, including the implementation of best practices, risk management strategies, and quality improvement measures to ensure optimal patient outcomes.


Innovating Anaesthesia Practices for Better Healthcare Outcomes

Membership Categories


Full Membership

This is reserved for qualified anaesthesiologists practicing in Tanzania, granting them voting rights in all society matters upon payment of a membership fee and yearly subscription fee.


Associate Membership

Welcomes medically qualified professionals interested in anaesthesia, encouraging their participation in society discussions without voting rights, through payment of similar fees.


Honorary Membership

This awarded by the Executive Committee, entails no voting rights or obligations for membership and subscription fees, being conferred based on discretion.

What People

Usually Asked

Who can become a member of SATA?

SATA welcomes qualified anaesthesiologists engaged in full-time or part-time practice in Tanzania as Full Members. Additionally, medically qualified doctors, Anaesthetic Officers, Clinical Officers, Nurse Anesthetists, Pharmacists, and other health professionals interested in anaesthesia are eligible to become Associate Members.

How can I apply for membership with SATA?

To apply for membership, please visit our website and complete the online application form. Alternatively, you can contact our membership department for assistance with the application process.

What are the benefits of joining SATA?

By becoming a member of SATA, you gain access to a network of professionals in the field of anaesthesia, opportunities for continuing education and professional development, participation in advocacy efforts to improve patient care, and eligibility to attend SATA-sponsored events and conferences.

How often does SATA hold meetings and events?

SATA arranges periodic meetings and events for scientific and social purposes, including conferences, seminars, workshops, and networking sessions. Members will receive notifications and updates regarding upcoming events through email and our website.

How can I renew my membership with SATA?

Membership renewal can be done annually by paying the prescribed membership renewal fee before the due date. Members will receive reminders regarding membership renewal and instructions on how to proceed with the payment process.